Patients’ Testimonials

Jenny  Dr. you have such special personal, loving and caring.               23/06/2011

Liza      Dr. Beatty is  very caring and makes me  feel special as a patient.   24/06/2011

Liza      It is never too  much for dr. Beatty to follow-up on my continual phone calls regarding my eye.   24/06/2011

Mr Williams:          Ek wil graag die Dr en sy personeel hartlik bedank vir die uitstekende diens en werk wat hulle aan my verig het.  Dit het my baie goed laat voel en waardeur alles.  Ek is ‘n 71 jarige persoon my oë was baie swak en moelik om te bestuur maar na albei oë gedoen is, is my sig baie goed en ek is lus vir die lewe. Baie dankie. Julle het julle werk goed gedoen.   5/7/2011

Mr RG Ashall: I had been suffering with red eyes and water running form my bottom eye lids for years. I was recommended to Dr Beatty who did a operation on both eye lids which is a huge success. No more stinging eyes or water leaking down my face. The following month I had Cataract surgery on both eyes which also is a huge success. I don’t have to use any glasses now. I would like to thank Dr Beatty and his staff at Goodwood Optical Center and would recommend them for any eye problems you have. 18/7/2011

Mrs. Renata Gaggio:  28/07/2011 I am so happy you have no idea how happy I am, just sorry I did not have the cataracts done earlier!!!!!!!!!! Thanks James.

Mrs. L. Momberg: I was so depressed last week I could not see anything…. after the Avastin injections that Dr. Beatty has given me a new world has opened. I can read again!! I am just praising the Lord….
3 August 2011.

Mr Loio: I can see now!!! from -25 and -24 diopter measurements to basically readers.. Amazing 16 August 2011

24/08/11 Mrs. Marietjie de la Bat:
As we go through this busy life sometimes callous to the feelings of others it is remarkable to meet an individual so considerate, so kind, friendly as is Dr. James Beatty.

In a small way a doctor shares the lives of a great many people. He knows their troubles, does his best to make them well and happy and is glad with them when he succeeds.

Best wishes and with every confidence in your success. I hope that in the years to come you and your family will enjoy good health and happiness.

Mrs. Kim (Stellenbosch) 24/08/2011
Your doctor is “thumbs up”!!!!

Charl van Heyninghan 15/09/2011:  Master C. van Heyningen.  I am extremely happy after my squint operation.

Luarette de Klerk 18/09/2011:     PRK has improved my eyesight tremendously!!

Mrs. E. Coetzee  30/09/2011:     I am thrilled after Lasik operation.  My eyesight is amazing.  I am very thankful.

Mr. Schoonwinkel 10 October 2011 I am in the clouds with my new vision after cataract surgery.

Mnr. DT Robertse  26/10/2011:  Dit was ‘n ongelooflike ondervinding my katarak operasie!!  My sig is sooo goed.  Ek kan dit nie glo nie.  Baie dankie Dr. Beatty vir die voorreg om so goed te kan sien nie.

Mrs. Munnik 14/11/2011:  Thank you dr. Beatty and staff for the excellent service at your rooms.

Mrs. Twycroft  14/11/2011.  Dr Beatty you were spot on!! Thank you very much for my eyes.

Mev. Olivier   21/11/2011:  What amazing eyesight after cataract surgery!! Thanks doctor.

Mrs. Kay Kreft  29/11/2011:  I’m in heaven with my eyes after bilateral ectropion repair.

Mrs. Wicks 12/01/2012: I am so happy after my glaucoma stent implant for high pressure in my one eye
that I am happy to go for the other eye in March. Thanks dr. Beatty.

Mrs. J. Edmonds 25/01/2012: I have come all the way from England to have my cataracts done and I am
amazed by the results. Thanks James.

Mrs. J.P. de Beer 26/01/2012: I am so surprized with the results after my glaucoma implantation to lower
my high pressure in the right eye that I am already thinking of the left eye’s implantation.

Me C.Strachan 2/02/2012: I am ready to undergo glaucoma implant for the other eye to control my pressure. Thanks doc.

Mrs. Dee Rossouw+Mr. Clifford Eveleigh 1/02/2012: Mere words cannot describe my gratitude to Dr. Beatty from Somerset West for what he has done for me regarding my eyesight. So good that I do not even have to use spectacles after two cataract operations with lens implants. All went well with absolutely no pain or inconvenience. A really splendid job and I would recommend anybody to him. My partner Mr. Clifford Eveleigh has had the same success as well as a neighbour of mine. The two lovely ladies in his office in Somerset West are just as competant in all they do and are most pleasant to deal with. Thank you all again and we wish you well.

Mr. Mackinnon 16/02/2012:  I can see!! Thanks James for the amazing sight in my left eye.

Mrs. J.N. Slabbert 20/02/2012: I am thrilled with my cataract surgery results. It opened up a new life.

Mr. van Wyk 23/02/2012: Thanks James for my new sight. Really appreciated.

Mrs. M.C.M. Marits 15/03/2012: I had my one eye cataract surgery yesterday and I cannot believe the good eyesight today… I am thrilled. Thank you.

Mr. Robin MacKinnon 17/04/2012: I would like to thank Dr. James Beatty for a small miracle – in 1978 I had an accident which left me with about 20% vision in my left eye. I have over the years met with several specialists in the hope that with improved know how and technology I might find a solution to my imared vision. Last year after meeting with James he suggested a plan of action that might improve my vision. It took me another 6 months to make the decision to take the chance and after a cataract removal, lens replacement and a prosthetic iris implant I can now boast with a 20/20 vision in the lef eye.  Thanks James – might have to try improving the right eye next!!

Mr. D. Botha 2/05/2012: Very happy with my eyes after cataract surgery. The change is amazing.

Mrs. H. Koegelenberg 10/05/2012: Thank you dr. Beatty for everything you are doing for me. For every Avastin injection and everything concerning my eyes. I am very thankful for the results.

Mrs. W. Wever 16/05/2012: Thank you Dr. Beatty for the excellent job you have done on my eye.

Mrs. Roomes 30/05/2012: I just want to thank you for surgery on my eye. After cataract surgery a new world has opened. Specially doing my jewellery, now I can see the fine detail.

Taryn Stacey 6/06/2012: I am amazed after having Lasik done. No more glasses or contact lenses. Thank you dr. for my perfect eyesight.

Mrs. M.M. Scatizzi 13/06/2012: How do I thank such a gentleman. Thank you for giving me perfect sight after cataract surgery I am a living advertisement for you. Thanks so much.

Mrs. A. van Zyl  4 July 2012:  Thanks James for your patience, and everything you’ve done for me.

Mrs. Lambie  12/07/2012:  Thank you James for the Avastin injections which is improving my eyesight, what a blessing.

Mr. R. Vockerodt 26 July2012:  My eyesight has improved a lot after the Avastin injections and I am so thankful.

Mrs. D.Paul 31/08/2012:  Dr. I have never had such a thorough examination.  The tests, OCT- scan’s photo’s and results were amazing.  Thanks again.

Mrs. Cruywagen 28/09/2012:  Baie, baie dankie is nie genoeg om my en my ma se groot dankbaarheid teenoor jou te betuig nie.  Jy was regtig vir ons vandag iemand baie spesiaal wat oor ons pad gestuur is.  Ek weet dat jy en jou praktyk baie geseënd sal wees.  Jy het regtig vandag vir my ma soveel vreugde gebring.  Ons waardeer dit opreg.

Mr. Conradie 11/10/2012: What a pleasant surprice was the outcome of my cataract procedure. I chose multi-focal (Restore) lenses. No need for spectacles any more!! This is a new lifestyle for me. Thank you dr. Beatty.

Mr. D.T. Robertse 22/10/2012: My eyesight is perfect thanks to dr. Beatty’s good advise and excellent surgery.

Mrs. Cahay 31/10/2012:  My life was grey and I always had to cling to my husband but after cataract surgery I am completely indipendant. Thanks dr. Beatty.

Mr. Mocke 7/11/2012: Thanks again dr. Beatty for my excellent eyesight, specially with my sport.

Mr. P. Mokgathle 5/12/2012: I am very happy after Bilateral Lasik. My distance vision has improved

Mev. M. September 13/02/2013: Baie dankie vir die wonderlike sig wat u weer aan my gegee het met katarak operasie.

Mrs. Rae 6/03/2013: Thanks again for my perfect eyesight before a wonderful overseas trip after cataract surgery.

Miss. Mia Street 25/11/2012: After Bilateral Lasik a new world without my spectacles lie ahead for me, what a pleasant lifestyle!!

Mr. C. Creed 27/02/2013: Thanks James for my perfect distant vision before I leave for America. I reallly recommend Lasik surgery.

Miss. L. Schloms 7/03/2013: Bilateral Lasik is the answer to a new lifestyle…Thanks doctor.

Mr.R.E.Cloete 11/03/2013: Thanks for my perfect vision I am so happy after Bilateral Lasik procedure!!

Mr. Pollard: 19/04/2013: I am very happy with my eyesight after bilateral lasik, I will spread the word in Botswana. Thanks doc.

Mr.J.von Lieres 25/04/2013: I have perfect eyesight and can read the day after cataract surgery!!

Mrs. Dambock 2/05/2013: What a change in my lifestyle after cataract surgery. Thank you.

Me Hermien Menmuir 12/06/2013: PRK changed my whole outcome on life and I am totally free of spectacles!!

Mrs. Rust 12/06/2013:  I had bilateral lasik done and it is the best thing that happened to me. My whole life has changed to manage without spectacles is amazing, thanks to Dr. J. Beatty.

Mr. Simmonds 14/06/2013: Thanks dr. Beatty for the outcome of my Ptosis operation. No more hanging eyelids. I can see clearly now!!

Mrs. Smal 18/06/2013: Thanks Dr. for advising me to pick Restore Multifocal lenses for my cataract surgery. It is awesome not to look for my glasses any more, for reading and distance vision.

Mrs. Green 23/06/2013: Thank you dr. Beatty for the Avastin injections that you have been giving me since the diagnosis of Macular Degeneration. Thank you for my eyesight.

Me Potgieter 26/06/2013: Thanks for my successful cataract surgery, I am so thankful for my perfect eyesight.

Mr. Simmonds 29/06/2013: Thanks James after Bilateral Ptosis I can see clearly without the lifting of the top eyelids with my fingers.

Mr. Van Niekerk 5/07/2013: Thank you Dr. Beatty for bilateral Pterygium surgery. My eyes are perfect.

Mrs. Bianc Hoff 25/07/2013:  My eyesight is 20/20 after surgery yesterday. Thanks James for my
bilateral ICL lense implant!!!

Mrs. R.M.Viviers 31/07/2013: After bilateral cataract surgery my eyesight has improve tremendously at the age of 87.

Mrs. E. Marais 14/08/2013: Thanks I am thrilled after bilateral cataract surgery.

Mrs. S. Carruthers 7/08/2013: I’m in my element having two brand new eyes(with restore lenses) just before my wedding!! No more spectacles for me, only sunglasses!!!!

Mr. P. Heroldt 8/08/2013: Very chuffed with my eyesight after cataract surgery,thanks James.

Mr. D. Kuhn 10/08/2013: Thank you for your help and my successful cataract operation.

Mr. W.Du Toit: Baie dankie vir my wonderlike sig na katarak operasie.

Mrs. E. Pieters 20/08/2013: I feel fantastic after cataract surgery and I now can see how old my
husband is.

Mrs. M. Schwartz 22/08/2013: Thank you dr. now I only realise that before cataract surgery I was blind.

Mrs. A. Provan 28 //08/2013: I cannot describe my super vision after cataract surgery with Toric lenses!!

Mr. J. Mostert 13/09/2013: I am amazed with my eyesight after cataract surgery…The leaves are so much greener and the sky so much bluer…

Mrs. Leitch 26/09/2013: Thank you soooooo much doctor, my sight is terriffic compare to what it was.

Mrs. Sauerman 2/10/2013: What a difference in my lifestyle after cataract surgery. These new eyes are
sooooo nice!!

Mrs. Y. Miller 4/10/2013: My eyesight has improved so musch after cataract surgery….what a blessing!!

Mrs. A.S.Nieuwoudt 10/10/2013: I will advise cataract surgery to everybody – I cannot believe my eyes!!

Mr. A van Niekerk 14/10/2013: Thank you for every Avastin injection to better my sight, dr. it really improved my eyesight.

Miss. J. van der Linde 23/10/2013: After successful cataract surgery I am in the clouds with my eyesight.

Mrs. Hassler 30/10/2013: I have the utmost faith and trust in dr. Beatty regarding my lid excition of tumour procedure, which has fully recovered. My eyes are my life!!

Mrs. Hurter 5/11/2013: So happy after bilateral cataract surgery.

Mrs. E. Naude 10/11/2013: I cannot believe the incredible eyesight that I have now following my cataract procedure.

Mr. A.S. Woeke 15/11/2013: I am over the moon, regret that I took so long to have my bilater lasik done.  Dr. Beatty you’re the best!!!

Mr. Riorden 18/11/2013; Thanks so much for my amazing eyesight after cataracr surgery.

Mrs. M. Sable 20/11/2013: After bilateral cataract surgery I am able so see the finer detail on my grandchildren’s faces, thanks James.

Mrs. Classen   25 November 2013:  I cannot describe the difference in eyesight I have after cataract surgery.  This has given me so much confidence!

Mr. J.J. Roziers  27/11/2013:  Wow dr. this is great I can see all detail and my life has changed after cataract surgery.

Mrs. R. Jansen 11/12/2013: When I found my previous Doctor’s doors closed , I went into a flat spin. I came to Dr. Beatty and after bilateral cataract surgery I am very pleased to say I made the right decision to see Dr. Beatty. Thank you so much.

Me. Adrie Herbst :  Goeie diens verdien 20 kanonskote salvo – en swak diens verdien skrapping uit die samelewing… maar op ‘n ernstige noot- Dr. James Beatty jy kan waarlik trots wees op die wyse waarop jou ontvanspersoneel pasiënte in persoon en tydens ‘n telefoongesprek behandel.

Dit is vir my lekker om julle praktyk aan te beveel – en oja, dr. James, ek vergeet nie van jou nie…jou kundigheid skemer ook deur tydens ‘n konsultasie.:)

Mrs. G.Pollin  22/01/2014:  I am extremely happy after bilateral cataract surgery!!

Mr. K Coutarellis  23/01/2014:  What a big change in my eyesight after cataract surgery,thanks James.

Mr. B. Friend  27/01/2014:  My eyesight is amazing after bilateral cataract surgery.

Mr. J.M. Benson 27/01/2014:  Wow what a magnificent improvement in my sight after my cataract surgery

Mr. Nolan 24/01/2014:  Thanks for removing my bilateral pterygiums.  Great success.

Mr. H. Steyn 5/02/2014:  After a harttransplant this cataract operation was the next best thing in my entire life!! thank you James.

Mr. V. Beets 11/02/2014: Just to let you know that since you cauterized the bothersome lashes, my eye feels a lot better – looking at the world through ‘new’ eyes. Thank you so much

Mr. Wayne Grant 21/02/2014:  I am a professional hunter and since having my cataracts done a new world in nature has opened up to me!!

May Mrs. C  28/02/2014: Praise the Lord that I came accross Dr. Beatty because without my successful cataract operation I would not be able to see the world that I am seeing now.

Mrs. Ann Van de Vyver  4/03/2014:  My Avastin injections have worked like a miracle because I can see the horizon smoothly and I can read more clearly and more often!!

Mrs. M. Lancaster 7/03/2014:  My Avastin injections has proved miracles can happen.. I can do my fine embroidery.

Avril Carollisson 8/3/2014:  Very impress. Recommend laser. Very Happy thank you very much

Miss. N. v/d Walt  27/03/2014:  Sooo happy after bilateral lasik!!

Mr. A. Nel  3/04/2014:  Amazing!! Lasik surgery has changed my life, my eyesight is amazing.

Hermelien Menmuir  15/04/2014:  The doctor with the “golden hands”  thanks for my awesome eyesight after Lasik surgery.

Mr. B. Simmonds  30/04/2014:  After you have lifted my top eyelid (Ptosis) I can see clearly now.

Mr. G. Ayirebi 19/05/2014:  Thank you for my good eyesight after cataract surgery.

Mrs.E. Sias 21/05/2014:  What a difference in my lifestyle after cataract surgery, thanks James.

Mrs. J. Van Zyl 25/05/2014:  Removing my Pterygium my eyesight improved and no more red eyes.

Mr Vic Beets: 19/6/2014:Normally patients only see or contact you when they have a problem….but…Just to let you know that since you cauterized the bothersome lashes, my eye feels a lot better – looking at the world through ‘new’ eyes.  Thanks again for your caring, much appreciated.

Mrs. Kaufmann  7/07/2014:  Thanks James for the yag capsolotomy, my eyesight is now excellent.

Mrs. J. Brebner 16/07/2014: Thanks for restoring my eyesight.

Mr. J. Smit 27/08/2014: My eyesight is so much better after cataract surgery.

Mrs.E.Blignaut 10/09/2014: I am so happy after cataract surgery my sight has improve tremendously.

Mrs. Pieters 17/09/2014: Thank you James for all your concern and my successful cataract operation.

Mr.D.Butler 30/10/2014: Wow lasik surgery is the best, I could already see everything on my way home without spectacles!!

Mrs. Helen Human 31/10/2014: This is absolutely recommendable, after bilateral lasik a whole new world has open to me.

Mrs. K. Davel 30/10/2014: After my first intravitreal Avastin injection my eyesight has improved tremendously.

Mr. Jager 5/11/2014: Cataract surgery has done so much for my self confidence, my eyesight is perfect!

Mr.Cornelissen 12/11/2014: My eyesight has improve tremendously after cataract surgery specially for my job in the Galigadi.

Chris Jones 20/11/2014: Bilateral Lasik has changed my whole lifestyle – no more spectacles thanks James.

Mr.Nash 21/01/2015: I came here from overseas to have my cataracts done which was greatly successful and I see the world through crispy new eyes.

Mr.Hartmann 25/01/2015: I am thrilled with the outcome of my cataract surgery!!

Mr.and Mrs. Scholtz 25/01/2015: Thank you for our four successful eye surgeries. After our cataract surgeries the sea is bluer and the trees greener!!

Mr Morgan 26/01//2015: I have great eyesight after cataract surgery!

Mrs.J.Bezuidenhout 30/01/2015: After my painless cataract surgery with James I can see every small little detail of my animals again.

Mrs.R.Van Eeden 20/02/2015: After cataract surgery I can drive myself around again.

Mrs. Volschenk 30/02/2015: I am going back home with perfect eyesight after my stay in Somerset West and bilateral cataract surgery.

Mrs.A.M. Voges 11/03/2015: Thanks James after T-cuts my eyesight is perfect.

Me Hesp 20/03/2015: I cannot believe that T-cuts make such a difference to my eyesight!!

Me Sing Pong 23/03/2015: My eyesight is perfect after Lasik, I am in the clouds with my eyesight.

Me Blackman 24/03/2015: I am so happy with the outcome after Bilateral Lasik, my sight is perfect. Thanks doctor.

Mrs.November 30/04/2015: My cataract surgery was magic. I know see the world after my cloudy past.

Mr. C.Van der Berg 1/04/2015: Thank you for my Avastin injections that you give me for my Macular Degeneration. It helps a lot.

Mr. W.Bonthuys 15/04/2015: Ek is baie gelukkig met my sig na katarak operasie, alles is mooi helder en duidelik.

Mr.C.Reynaulds 17/04/2015: Ek is baie gelukkig ek het nie eers ‘n bril nodig na katarakoperasie nie!!.

Mr.J.Bonthuys 28/04/2015: I was terrified of the cataract operation, but it was a breeze and my eyesight excellent!!.

Mrs.Hendricks 5/05/2015: Very happy after entropion repair.

Miss. A.van der Westhuizen 10/05/2015: My eye is excellent after Pterygium surgery. The white of my eye is white again.

Mrs.H.Opperman 15/05/2015: My eyesight was perfect the day after each cataract operation.

Mr.Owen 21 /05/2015: He will fix your eye!! any complaints here in the surgery? he will fix it!!.

Mr.v/Walt 3/06/2015: After PRK my distance vision is immaculate.

Mrs.Savvides 11/06/2015: After I had my first eye cataract surgery done yesterday and the improvement in my vision and the experience I had in theatre with Dr. Beatty I am looking forward to my next procedure in a week’s time.

Mrs.Karen Lang 16/06/2015: all the way from Botswana “Dr.Beatty you are highly recommended and your staff’s fast helpful and informative responses went a long way” you do seem to have an excellent team.

Andri van der Westhuizen 18/062015: Thanks James my eyes a re so white after Pterygium removal.

Mrs. Tonne 25/06/2015: My eyesight has improved tremendously after bilateral cataract surgery.

Mrs.Seel 29/06/2015: Thank you for my wide open eyes after Ptosis surgery. I can see clearly now.

Mrs. Njikaza 10/07/2015: I can see soooo good after cataract surgery.

Mrs. Savviddes 15/07/2015: Ek is so tevrede na katarak operasie.
Wat ‘n gemaklike procedure. Na die eerste oog gedoen is het ek uitgesien om die tweede oog te laat doen! Geen pyn of ongemaklikheid nie.

Mrs. Storie 29/07/2015: So happy after the first cataract removal.

Mr. P. Steinmann 30/07/2015: Very happy after cataract surgery.

Mrs. Pool 31/07/2015: I am thrilled with my eyesight after cataract surgery.

Mrs.Stavely 5/08/2015: So happy after cataract surgery. A new world has opened for me.

Mrs.J.Buger 10/08/2015: So wonderful my eyesight after cataract surgery and an Avastin injection for my Macular Degeneration.

Mrs.Wilson-Trollop 14/08/2015: I am in the clouds after cataract surgery, thanks James.

Mr. S.Prins 3/09/2015: Thanks for my awesome eyesight James. Cataract in the one eye and Lasik on the other eye. What a change in my eyesight!!

Mrs.K.Konrad 11/09/2015: The improvement in sight after cataract surgery is amazing.

Miss. R.Koen 18/09/2015: I am feeling so much better after the removal of my Meibomian Cysts Uncle Doctor.

Mr.Van Niekerk 15/09/2015: Baie dankie vir my suksesvolle katarak operasie dokter.

Mr.T.Paulse 18/09/2015: Thank you for removing my Pterygium painfree.

Mrs.K.Schneider 25/09/2015: The improvement in my sight is amazing after bilateral cataract surgery!

Mrs.L.Theron 1/10/2015: My eyesight for distance has improved tremendously after Bilateral PRK procedure.

Mr.J-C Labuschagne 2/10/2015: Amazing distance sight after Bilateral PRK procedure. Thanks James.

Mrs. Logie 5/10/2015: Thanks for very successful cataract surgery.

Mrs.Shannon Bacon 16/10/2015: After PRK my distance eyesight is remarcable!!

Mrs.J.Bruger 18/10/2015: Impeccable sight for distance after PRK surgery.

Mr. P. Hoatson 20/10/2015: Very, very chuffed with my immaculate eyesight after Lasik Eye surgery. Thanks James.

Mr. K. Essmann 6/11/2015: I am very thrilled with my entropion repair.

Mev.A. Koen 7/11/2015: Baie dankie James vir my suksesvolle katarakoperasies.

Mrs.Swanepoel 13/11/2015: Thank you James for an successful bilateral cataract procedure on my eyes.

Mr.Van Zyl 16/11/2015: A new world has opened after bilateral Lasik surgery. Thanks James.

Mrs.Morrison 17/11/2015: Very happy with my sight after Lasik Eye surgery.

Mr. Essman 20/11/2015: So happy after my cataract and ectropion surgery.

Mrs.Schneider 3/12/2015: My eyesight has improve tremendously after bilateral cataract surgery with Toric lenses.

Mrs. J.Delport 9/12/2015: My cataract surgery was phenomenal, I can see the world….with new eyes.

Mr Carl Thom 21/06/2016: The Lasik procedure has drastically changed my life and improved my self confidence. I am able to see and spot things so clearly. Thank you James